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Luis is an entrepreneur who focuses on engineering, technology and innovation. He is the founder of several startups and engineering companies. Luis has been named one of the tech innovators that are changing world, and his work has been featured on several international media outlets.

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Welcome to INTELSATH

Hi, this is Luis, this is my personal website. I am a full time entrepreneur dedicated to develop engineering solutions that solve different problems at several niche markets. In my spare time, however, I put together open source projects for people around the world to study and use. Sometimes I put together tutorials and publish the source code and schematics for different projects that I think people are going to like.

I have invested a lot of my personal resources, i.e time and money (for equipment, components, hiring a few people sometimes, etc) to put together some of these projects for you. I am a firm believer that by sharing knowledge and making information accessible to everyone, I am contributing a little bit towards an "open source world", where scientific material can be readily available to anyone. Hopefully any of this will encourage inventors and makers around the world to innovate and create the next big thing.

I just ask that if you can, please consider making a donation and give credit to me if you get to use any of my material.

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